Monthly Packages forShared Transportation:

The Pupmobile originated on the knowledge that dogs are very social: they go to Dog Daycare, they play together, they eat together- so why don't they ride together? We offer one of the most convenient services (especially in LA) at exceptional prices customized for our busy pups that travel regularly.
Let us get them there & back, riding next to their daycare and neighborhood friends at prices you'll love!
*Please note: payment alone does not guarantee service; based on availability & all required paperwork must also be submitted.

1st Dog

2nd Dog

One-Way                             $84

Round trip                           $120

5 days/week




One-Way                             $140

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Prices forShared Transportation:

2nd Dog

2nd Dog



Round Trip                          $200


(same household as 1st dog only)

4 days/week

One-Way                             $10

Round Trip                          $160

1st Dog

Round trip                           $18


2nd Dog


1st Dog

Oh yeah!

Our Monthly prices come out to only $7 one-way and $10 round-trip!

One-Way                             $112

For our active pups that love the outdoors. Hikes are Wednesdays (and occasionally more days!) and usually last between 3-4 hours (1 hour min. on the mountain) in the Santa Monica Mountains & can be on or off-leash (owner's preference). Limited space available. Please be aware of the diverse wildlife and the hazards in these mountains.
Please note: payment alone does not guarantee service; subject to availability.


2nd Dog


Package Deals

1st Dog

call us, text us: (310) 999-8976


10-Trip Package                   $90

1st Dog


3 days/week
Fully Insured  & Bonded

20-Trip Package                 $170

1st Dog

​*Shared Ride Monthly Membersride with multiple dogs at a time (all must have passed temperament test). Pay up front for the month and save up to 50% our already awesome prices ($7 one-way & $10 round-trip)!

Monday-Friday only

​Use or lose

*See Terms & Conditions that apply below.

2nd Dog

Prices forActivites:


Regular Members


*Shared Ride Regular Membersride with multiple dogs at a time (all must have passed temperament test). Based on 24 hour reservation and subject to availability of space.

*See Terms & Conditions that apply below.

          TERMS AND CONDITIONS (applies to all rides):

  • One-Way = Pick-up or  drop-off.
  • Round Trip = Pick-up and drop-off (same day only). 
  • All pick-up/drop-off times are estimated times within 1 hour windows.
  • Round trips must be used within the same day and cannot be carried over or credited if not used.
  • 10 & 20-ride Packages expire 3 months after first ride is redeemed.
  • Monthly Packages expire 1 month (4 weeks, 28 days) from date of first ride & redeemable Monday-Friday only. Rides are use or lose and unused rides do not roll over to next month.
  • Wait time is $1/minute.

  • Prices are for addresses within Service Areas.

  • Service outside of current service areas will incur an additional $2/mile charge and base rate of $20 (one-way) & $38 (round-trip).

  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours or more in advanced & 7 days in advanced on holidays otherwise full fees will apply.